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Experience consisting of taking an existing MAVI, here Water Lilies, and replacing all the images with other images, thus creating a new interactive landscape in a few minutes.


VegeGround and VegeWall

In an immersive setting, people walk around waving their arms and, suddenly, activate the surrounding plant landscapes.



Animated landscape from the MAVI collection (Animated Vegetal Interactive Mural) using paint strokes on paper then digitized and animated.


Garden / Jardin

Help tool for the composition of vegetable gardens in augmented reality, integrating generative trees and an animated lake.



Collection of graphic animation tools helping to compose interactive vegetal landscapes.



This software listens to music and attempts to beat time to the rhythm of the song.



We draw stick figures with countless legs and arms. Through real-time machine learning techniques, the man learns to walk on his own, faster and faster.


LopArt Life for iPad

LopArt Life is the third application in our collection of animated apps.
It contains realistic textures to set in motion for truly original effects. Each texture is inspired by elements of daily life: textiles, bricks, furs, peels, etc. Draw your environment realistically or reinvent it while putting it in motion! Ideal to draw quick sketches or real masterpieces.
Enjoy the quality of a professional drawing software that makes creating art child's play!


Mini LopArt for iPad

The first drawing app that lets your children add movement to their artworks!
For iPad, iPad Mini.



LopArt Canvas was used for the launch of a new scooter in France. Visitors were able to personnalize a picture of a scooter with the drawing and animation tools of LopArt Canvas.



Work together on artwork, online and in real time: it is the only graphic chat line!
LopLop develops LopArt DUO, LopArt's big brother, a software that reproduces with great accuracy the textures and techniques of traditional painting and drawing tools. LopArt DUO also offers a whole set of amazing features, that allow you to create artwork simultaneously with a partner anywhere in the world, on the same drawing board, through Internet. It also allows you to animate your artwork by integrating moving stokes in it!


Elle Tourne!

LopLop is developing a new TV quiz for kids and teenagers. It is a one of a kind quiz, since it is conceived in order to be managed automatically (cameras, lighting, game process, editing, etc.). On top of that, tools are going to be available so the people watching the show can create games for the TV quiz.


LopArt Multitouch

Using a technology that reads finger movements on the screen, LopArt Multitouch is more than just a drawing software. It is a sensorial experience !
In collaboration with the French company Muchomedia, and its Muchotouch table
The May 2008 LopArt Touch launch at La Cantine in Paris, with the artists Jaimito and Popaye.



A random photonovel.



PleinCadre is authoring software that facilitates the integration of visual, sound, animated, textual documents and specific programming into a coherent multimedia set. The graphic interfaces of PleinCadre applications are built by positioning the elements on the pages and by linking the pages together. The source code of the applications, written in "C" and specific to each of the projects, connects to the whole. The graphic and visual organization of the document, ie the interface with the user, is done via the composer. The application uses the multimedia libraries in order to integrate its functionalities into the graphic interface. PleinCadre technology uses the OsSpec multi-platform system interface layer, therefore compatible with Macintosh and Windows OS, among others. The usefulness of PleinCadre begins where that of commercial software such as Director, Authorware and PowerPoint ends, where algorithmic requirements take precedence over the graphical interface, in terms of development. PleinCadre is used for scientific calculations, relational databases, device management, network, image and sound processing applications, but requiring a multimedia-type graphical interface. For now, the composer works only under Macintosh. On the other hand, the documents created with PleinCadre are readable under Macintosh and Windows and the Linux version is under construction.



The creation of multimedia films made with PRoman differs from standard editing methods in 3 aspects: 1) the positioning of multimedia objects, in time and space, is done in a hierarchical rather than linear manner; 2) some decisions, usually made at the production stage, can be deferred until broadcast; 3) the running time of the film is adjusted according to the viewer's interest. The objects, or boxes, arranged on the sheet of the PRoman editor, contain one or more functions. These functions for rendering images, texts, sounds or programming are linked to each other according to a horizontal hierarchical structure. The temporal unfolding of the film is done by reading the objects from the top of the sheet downwards. Objects to the left usually represent concrete functions like "displays an image" or "plays a sound". The objects to the right are mainly used to group concrete objects into concepts such as "sequence", "scene" or "Paule's arrival". These concepts are not formally defined in the PRoman language, so they are freely used for organizational purposes. The links, ie the lines uniting the boxes, define the type of relationship that the objects maintain between them during the spatial construction of the film and during its temporal unfolding. Each of the pages is built by applying all the functions of a linearity, starting from a leaf (on the left) and going up to the root (on the right). Thus, the functions common to the entire film will be found at the root. Similarly, the more specific functions will be found near the leaves. The succession in time of each of the pages is made according to the choice of one of the 3 types of links uniting the objects from one generation to another, from the mother to her daughters. The Obligatory link (in black on the edition sheet) will give a sequential succession of all the daughters of a mother, from the highest to the bottom. A movie built solely from black links will play sequentially like a standard movie. during projection, the images will follow one another as defined during editing. The Permutable link (in red) will randomly choose the order of succession of the girls. This random choice will be made at each screening. The same film thus reviewed will present the pages in a different order, at each screening. The exclusive Or link (in blue) will randomly choose only one of the girls. Thus, each screening will reveal new content elements. By combining these 3 types of links (black, red and blue), we can build a non-linear and narrative film. Non-linear since the organization is done randomly in real time. Narrative since, despite the randomness, the story takes place within a desired framework that is therefore understandable. The first interaction when viewing a film built with PRoman is based on the duration bar. The viewer decides the projection time. This functionality is made possible by the valuation of each object. at the projection, each sheet will be chosen or not according to the importance of its linearity (from the sheet to the root) relative to that of its sisters and cousins. PRoman is programmed in "C" language under OsSpec. It thus integrates certain multimedia libraries associated with PleinCadre technology. For now, the generative engine accepts image, text and sound. Animation, of the LopTime type, and video, QuickTime and AVI, will soon be integrated. The Liquidation CD-ROM was built with the PRoman software.



Software and hardware technologies filling all the requirements of a TV lottery, or any other TV show.


Cinémathèque québécoise

Programming of the CGIs of the Cinémathèque Québécoise site.



Software helping computer graphics designers in correcting croping, perspective, contrast, and brightness for series of pictures.


Botanical garden of Montreal

Interactive borne in collaboration with Tram Design.



Website and Bd-Lop software for the RAAV/Sodart website.



Nineteen interactive terminals for the Europarque, Science Museum in Portugal in collaboration with Tram Design.


TamTam, Totem

The NAPLPS standard, an ancestor of HTML, codifies on a telematic page: the text in several sizes and in rotation, the vector image (lines, arcs, rectangles), and the bitmap image (defined point by point). Compression of commands in macro form being possible, the result is very light screen pages often occupying less than 1 kilobyte of memory space.NAPLPS was at the heart of Bell Canada's Alex consumer network.

TamTam is a NAPLPS browser". It establishes the connection with the modem then the server and transforms the commands received into texts and images. Totem is a multi-user server software that manages navigation between the pages grouped in a database. Moreover, Totem is a NAPLPS page builder software.



Multitrack color editor.



Random text generator that generates a hockey game transcript.


MAVI: Beasts et Beasts II

Inside a pond, critters that have taught themselves to swim through the magic of machine learning, follow human passengers detected by a camera on the ceiling.



The Taiwanese poet Namu transports us into her inner world made of ice cream and red liquids. Linear videos in 3 versions: English, Mandarin and French.



We play a short melody on a toy piano, the software recognizes the notes and composes the musical orchestration according to a few simple musicological rules.



App helping Chinese learners to practice their English pronunciation. The app captures the learner's free speech, changes the Chinese speech to text, translates the text from Mandarin to English, speaks the same sentence in English. The learner must then repeat the sentence in English. The App now translates from English to Mandarin and if the sentence was pronounced correctly in English, it will be the same as the original Mandarin sentence.



Performance art software combining cartoon and live camera. We draw on a Mac but the interface is on the iPhone.



Small iOS app showing what the sun sees from the globe at the exact time; under the sun, exactly, just below. Note that all iOS apps from this era were destroyed by Apple Cupertino after a few months of life.



Music relaxation iOS app where the user makes their own mix of naturally inspired soundtracks


Le grand jeu des animaux

TV Quiz about animals on Télé-Québec.



Virtual puppets mate genetically to generate an infinity of offspring, all dissimilar but still resembling both parents.


Génies en Herbe

Radio-Canada appointed LopLop to develop the software and the network managing the Génies en herbe game. This includes the players and the animator's scrrens, and special games touch screens. LopLop helped conceptualizing games, and built an online qualification test to select players. LopLop ensures technicale support on shooting days. Thanks to its TVLop software, LopLop answered all of Loto-Quebec needs.


Pop Montreal

LOPART CANVAS at the LUMENARIUM: LopLop invited people to draw on a giant screen with paintbrushes. An amazing experience!

LOPARTDUO AT DIVAN ORANGE: Drawing together using Internet with the new software LopArt Duo, at Divan Orange . Divan Orange, 4234 Saint-Laurent, October 1st to 5, 2008.


LopArt Canvas at DSE

Along with Canvys and Popstar, LopLop was able to show off its latest version of LopArt Canvas.



TVLop was conceived to manage every aspect of a TV game show: data entry, computer graphics material, control of the different steps of the game, reports creation, and more !
TVLop is used in the Radio-Canada 'L'Union fait la force' TV game show, as well as in TVA 'La poule aux oeufs d'or'. It will soon be used in the new show 'Elle tourne', an original concept from LopLop.
MIPTV 2012


New York Power Authority

Interactive kiosk.


Spacial Analyser

Software module that captures video images in real time, and, through spacial analysis, accounts for movement, position and density of the filmed subjects.



Full screen animation software (600 * 800 pixels, thousands of colors, 15 images per second) in which the animated objects are placed on a set background by adjusting their transparency.


Virtual 3D Animal

Algorithms modeling in 3D the muscle movements, and the way of moving of some sinuous animals : whale, fish, snake, seal, etc.


The Calembredaine

Random and perpetual poetry generator creating inspiring and funny sentences from a lexicon and syntactical structures.


Expotec at Montreal

Programming of 2 interactive terminals for the Expotec scientific exhibition in Montreal in collaboration with Tram Design.



An off-screen image made up of pixels in the colors of the sea is modulated and then presented on the screen. The use of sinusoidal mathematical formulas to model the movements of the sea is not very conclusive since the result is too mechanical and predictable. The addition of a part of randomness improves the movement of the waves but realism is still far away. The random cannot account for the chaos of nature. On the other hand, a very simple discovery, feedback, manages, by adding a few lines of programming, to make the movement of the waves realistic. Here is the algorithm. An off-screen image made up of pixels in the colors of the sea is modulated sinusoidally and then presented on the screen. The off-screen image is replaced by the processed on-screen image. This new off-screen image is remodulated and then presented on screen. The screen is transferred off-screen and so on. By this software feedback (or "feedback"), which is in fact 3 lines of programming, the chaos is modeled and, as if by magic, the waves seem real. This simple feedback, well known in video art of the 70s but applied here to algorithmic science, avoids pages and pages of mathematical formulas. It would be interesting to apply this principle of software feedback to the simulation of fluids, to the weather, to anything that is chaotic. Waves was programmed in MC68000 Assembler under Macintosh.


La Boîte Noire

Design and programming of CGIs for the Boîte Noire site.


Museum Maurice Richard

A multimedia game for the Maurice Richard Museum in collaboration with Tram Design.



Music notes control how 4 images are shown on 32 screens.



Random image generator.



When accessing a specific memory of the computer, a "knock" is heard on the loudspeaker. This binary square wave, activated more or less quickly, succeeds in modulating the frequency, the envelope and even the timbre of a synthetic sound. Programmed in machine language (in hexadecimal number without assembler) under the Apple II.


MAVI: Sakura et Sakura II et SakuraMuse

Animated landscapes tempting cultural appropriation surrounding spring and the Japanese obsession with cherry blossoms. A Korean and infinite vegetative music accompanies everything. A version where you compose your own music is also available.


MAVI:Paris1918, Paris1919 et Paris1920

3 landscapes inspired by the pale colors of Monet's works presented at L'Orangerie in Paris. An attempt at minimalist movement and false frames are applied here.


Chatty / Bavard

Text analysis and random dialog generation software. We give 2 texts to the software, for example the new testament and Justine. The software then creates an infinite dialogue between Jesus Christ and the Marquis de Sade.



Complex television lottery automation software.


Particules Narrator / Narrateur de particules

At the present time, the software searches all over the world and in multiple languages for news. He makes an automatic visual and sound montage of it.


LopArt 2018

Latest version of the cartoon animation software LopArt experimenting here the concept of progressive interface: easy, pleasant and complex. After 16 years we abandon the development of this software following multiple studies demonstrating the harmful psychological and physical effects of screens in children.



A collection of 26 real-time generative artworks based on the interaction of cells that randomly merge and split according to simple logical rules, all often put in visual feedback.


Pixel Cowboy for iPhone/iPad

Ready your gun ! Take ten steps backwards in time and fire at PIXEL COWBOY ! Easy to play yet highly competitive; in PIXEL COWBOY two players fight for their lives using the most basic of human skills : Reflexes.
- Simple game-play. *
- Lightning fast reflexes and hand/eye coordination at their respective best. *
- Extremely Competitive. *
- Easy to learn, hard to master. *
- Just WOW. * ! Challenge your friends locally (on a single device) or over bluetooth and see "Who got's the quickest draw !?".
- A classic experience revisited for the IOS.
- Stress, anticipation, fun, victory and death are all part of the fun.
* "Be the first to touch the screen once the GO! appears" !!!


Pixel Cowboys

Game for iOS. Two players interconnected via bluetooth confront their reflexes in an armed western-style challenge.


Roland-Garros 2010

LopArt Canvas is installed on the Roland Garros site, in partnership with BNP Paribas.


La Poule aux oeufs d'OR

Loto-Quebec appointed LopLop to develop the software and the network managing the game. On top of that, LopLop took care of all the graphic design of all the elements appearing on screen. Thanks to its TVLop software, LopLop answered all of Loto-Quebec needs.


A.P.O. Mile-End 2009: October 16-17-18

You are invited to the launch of LopArt Canvas, the new artistic invention from the LopLop team:

Saturday, october 17 2009, at 2 P.M. (Bring your own wine!)
5455 de Gaspé, #1205 (12th floor)


La chasse aux trésors

Logical development of Loto-Québec's "Treasure Hunt" game show.



Software used for the complete management of information intended to be published on a transactional website, a multimedia cederom and/or a paper catalog.



Unified platform (Windows, Mac, Dos, and Linux) making OS independant software development easier.



Drawing tools simulating different graphic mediums : charcoal, crayon, wax crayon, paintbrush, spraypaint, etc.


Spacial Analyser

Software module that captures video images in real time, and, through spacial analysis, accounts for movement, position and density of the filmed subjects.



Logical development of Loto-Québec's "Monopoly" game show.


Projectile en orbite

The elliptical shape traced by a satellite revolving around the earth or by the planets around the sun is here calculated according to the position and the strength of the initial impulse.

These three-dimensional calculations combined with a 2D multitrack animation module report on the sciences of ballistics, the putting into orbit of a satellite or interplanetary travel.

This simulator was programmed in 'C' under Macintosh.


Casino of Montreal

Interactive kiok for the Casino of Montreal, in collaboration with Tram Design


Codec video

Video animation codec for VirtuelLabs.


Biosphere of Montreal

Programming of the CGI of Montreal Biosphere site, in collaboration with Tram Design.



Rrose est une variante du logiciel LopLop. Le montage et les effets visuels sont pré-programmés sans texte. La projection, les lecteurs sont invités à s'exprimer sur le clavier public. Ces commentaires s'insèrent alors automatiquement à l'intérieur du montage visuel.

Rrose fut de toutes les soirées mondaines de l'underground artistique montréalais des années 90. Il fut aussi le logiciel de saisie du réseau Sélavy reliant plusieurs villes d'Amérique et d'Europe lors du centième anniversaire de l'artiste Marcel Duchamp.

Rrose a été programmé en Assembleur MC68000 sous Macintosh.



A page is made up of vector graphic objects. This page is duplicated several times and its objects are moved and transformed. Télécino produces the adjoining images of the animation by applying a spatial interpolation between 2 pages. The graphic interface for vector image composition offers as tools: circles, rectangles, polygons with point insertion, B-Spline type curves, grouping of objects, editing by plane, etc. The interpolation of the images, creating the movement, is done either linearly or in a curved way. at a time when the use of a division was prohibited because requiring too much computational effort (microprocessor clocked at 8 megahertz), a curve algorithm was developed using only additions, subtractions and "shift" of registers (division or multiplication by 2). The result gives a fluid animation where the images calculated in real time run at 15 or 30 frames per second, depending on the number of animated objects. Télécino was programmed in MC68000 Assembler under Macintosh.



A painting by this painter is gradually animated. So we see the photo turn into a cartoon.



Software package to help in the composition of animated landscapes in the form of pre-built animation modules: sky, cloud, tree, butterfly, lake, fish, grass, etc. We assemble and parameterize while navigating the landscape.



Musical composition by rhythmic sequence.


GenForest / GenForêt

We give this software a landscape photo and GenForêt recognizes the sky, the forest and the body of water then animates them.


Tree / Arbre

Tree composition software using the fragmented reality technique. Only parts of the tree are drawn and the software completes the whole thing.



This iOS app listens to the soundtrack of a TV quiz and automatically syncs questions and points throughout the game.



Icon-based programming language with which teenagers build mini-apps with their iPhone.


Mega LopArt for iPad

Enhance your drawing style with a social touch thanks to Mega LopArt, LopLop Inc.'s new animated art app! Draw with animated ink by way of advanced drawing options and share your artwork in LopArt's virtual gallery.



Quiz on TV5.


Open Walls junior / Istanbul 2010 + Ruhr

This unique mirror networked installation, based on the original drawing and animation software LopArtHDTouch, will allow the artists and the public to create, in real time, common artworks beyond geographic, linguistic and cultural barriers. Specific moments called "CrossBridges" will showcase german, turkish and french artists creating a shared work on a common theme.


L'Union fait la force

Radio-Canada appointed LopLop to develop the informatic system managing the TV game show 'L'Union fait la force'. Recently, LopLop also helped the TV show to switch to HD format.


LopArt Canvas

The LopArt Canvas is a visually stunning, live, digital painting device, with a simple to use interface.

To paint on the LopArt Canvas, all you need to do is pick up a real brush of whatever thickness you'd like to paint with, select your color tones from the palette and control their transparency, choose your texture, select your line movement and paint a vibrant, moving work of art. It's so simple and so instantaneously captivating, anybody can use it.  Another exciting feature of the LopArt Art Canvas is the ability to connect to a network of completed LopArt creations.Your painting will become a part of LopArt Canvas' digital museum and be shared with people all over the world.



Elements for a global history, on the art of the photocopying medium.



The DiceBox is a computer peripheral that generates real random numbers.


Centre des sciences de Montréal

Programming of five interactive kioks for the Sciences Center of Montreal.



LopLop's SGML decoder analyzes a text file and detects in it the tags accepted by the target language. A tag is defined as a sequence of characters delimited by the characters. inside a tag is another tag or parameters. Parameters are interpreted as a character string, a numeric value (decimal or hexadecimal) or a rectangle. SGML decodes the commands, interprets their parameters and activates these commands. The commands are bundled into an external file and together define the target language. One of the target languages ​​developed is HTML. LopLop's HTML interpreter, although incomplete, is still advanced enough to serve as a graphic display for the BdLop suite. The entry and printing forms of the relational database and the CD-ROM display module use this technology. LopML is the other SGML-like target language developed at LopLop. LopML makes possible the complete construction of a multimedia document from a simple word processor. The document is organized into pages linked together by buttons. Graphics and sound objects are placed inside the pages and a variable mechanism facilitates editing. SGML, HTML and LopML work under DOS, Windows, and Macintosh.


Magical Lamp

Logical development of Loto-Québec's "Magic Lamp" game show.


Voitures de course

On a Nascar-type race track, cars move around avoiding collisions.

On a table game, the competitors roll the dice and advance their car, little by little, on a checkered track. at each turn of the table, the position of the cars is retained in a database. at the end of the game, the race is replayed and each of the cars will have to move in a realistic way, avoiding bumping into its neighbours.

For ease of processing, mathematical calculations are done on a straight track. During the display each of the cars is transposed on the circular track.

Since all the cars are simultaneously advancing to their next position on the track, an animation technique is needed that prevents the cars from overlapping. This technique consists of evaluating the movement of each car and whether, at the current speed, a collision is foreseeable. If so, it is necessary to decelerate or accelerate according to a priority given to each of the lanes. In order to be realistic, this movement is done gradually relative to all the cars in the game.

These algorithms were programmed in 'C' under Windows.



Interactive borne in collaboration with Tram Design.


Mount Independance Historic Site

Two interactive terminals at Mount Independence Historic Site, Orwell, Vermont in collaboration with Tram Design.


Museum of Macao in Portugal

Two interactive terminals at the Macau Museum in Portugal in collaboration with Tram Design



Random and perpetual generator of different kinds of deciduous trees : young, big, sick, etc.



Text and image presentation software.



Educational software teaching camera handling.


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